Friday, October 26, 2012

The Uprising - Revisited

So many of my friends are going through incredibly painful and emotionally charged times right now. I too am going through the biggest changes in my own life.

There is a stirring within me, a stirring of a woman who beats her fists upon a wall, angered that so much tribulation and emotional distress has to be endured by so many.

There is an uprising within me. I will be stronger, more courageous, more certain, more committed to love conquering all.

The ideal can be achieved, but it starts with me. It starts anew.

Update: October 2012
That was the first blog I wrote when I started "A T Revival."  Wow, it seems like a lifetime ago.  So much has changed, yet my passion for life has only grown.  And I've grown older as well.  I can barely even remember being "him" except for my experiences and relationships with my closest family and friends.  But I no longer see that "Man in the Mirror," and the feelings of heartache and  pain I experienced during transition is a fading memory.

I still struggle, but not like I struggled before.
I still strive, this time for my family, and in doing what I can to provide for my children while giving them all of me they need and want in me as their Maddie.

I have a new song in my heart. A true song.  I'm finally singing from the voice that was so ever silent within me, and it's a fantastically melodious reverie.


Andrew-L'autre said...

I am delighted to see a post from you appear in my reading list, Lori. :)

I'm even more delighted to hear that your struggles have eased, although you admit that some do remain. I hope things will continue to improve for you.

My best wishes to you and your family.

Lisa Maria said...

Lovely to hear from you Lori.
I often wondered how you were.

Great to see life is how you want it. :-)

Life is good with me. All behind me now and started dating. Scary and exciting!!

My email is the same. I did send you one a while ago but not sure if you got it.

Take care and sending you some positive vibes for the future.

Timing is amazing as I hardly ever come on here anymore and just happened to click it. Glad I caught you.

Lisa xxx

Calie said...

Wow, I thought I was seeing things when I saw this post highlighted on my reader.

I know I owe you an email. My head has been sort of screwed up, but I'm good now. I so appreciate hearing from you and I will write and maybe even call.